Balance Transactions

Balance transactions are created each time money flows into or out of your Vibrant account. They represent all Payouts, Sales and Refunds including fees.

The source field of a transaction holds a link to the charge, refund or payout that is causing the balance transaction.

Balance Transactions are good for accounting as they hold information about all movements to an account. And they hold the fees and payouts as well.

Daily revenue

To keep track of 'daily revenue' you do not need to look at balance transactions - we recommend using succeeded Charges and Refunds to get and overview of this. It is possible to fetch this data in custom time intervals that fit the merchants opening/closing hours.

It is also possible to use Balance Transaction to get an overview of money that is not transferred to the merchant account yet.

The Balance Transaction will have status: 'pending' when payment is approved by the bank until the time of payout. So you can see how much money is pending with Vibrant at any time.

When the status has changed to status: 'available' the money has been transferred (a payout) and the BalanceTransaction is reflected on the merchants bank account.

In rare cases like disputes there will also be created BalanceTransactions to keep track of movements that do not follow the ordinary flow.

You can get balance transactions listed by time, fetched by id or search by attributes.

Get a list of balance transactions like this:

curl -X 'GET' \
  '' \
  -H 'accept: application/json' \
  -H 'apikey: vibrant_pos.YOUR_SECRET_KEY'

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