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A list of pre-defined products can help merchants quickly add items that customers request to checkout.

How it works

Add products to checkout

You can edit and add products from the terminal and the merchant dashboard.
Tap Products on your main payment screen.
Select the products you want to add to your checkout.
Tap Request payment and get your customer to pay on the device
If you need to add a lot of the same product items, tap the number between the + and - button. A new screen will open where you can add the specific number of items you need.

Edit or add products

Tap the Navigation and then Products.
You get a list of your existing products. Here you can add, edit, favorite or delete them
To create a new product, tap the Add product icon.
On this screen you can add a name, price and your product VAT. Your new product will be added to the product list.
If you fancy some products on your list more than others, use the Favorite icon.
When you press the Favorite icon those items will be shown at the top of your product list, easily accessible.
if you head to preferences on your terminal you can show the product list by default.