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We don’t do paper receipts, but of course we provide other, better options for your customers.
With our digital receipts, they’ll spend less time finding that sheet of paper they need a refund - or file a complaint.
We offer three different solutions for delivering receipts to your customers: sending a text, sending an email, or scanning a QR code.

How it works

After a successful payment you have 3 different ways to send a receipt. Tap either Send to phone, Send to email or Scan QR code
When tapping send text message, you can ask the customer for their phone number or have them enter it. Tap Send text message. The receipt will show up on the customers phone shortly.
Tap Send to email and ask the customer for their email address - or have them enter it. Tap Send email. The receipt will show up shortly after.
Tap Scan QR code and ask the customer to open the camera on their phone and scan the QR displayed on the terminal. A unique QR is generated for every receipt. After the customer has scanned the QR and tapped the link, you can tap Done.
If you want to view the receipt before or after sending it, tap View.
Your customers can scan QR codes using their native camera app on phones with iOS 11 or above and Android version 9 or above. For older phones, they would need a separate QR scanner app.

Receipts after ended payment

To send the receipt on an ended transaction, tap the Main menu and tap Sales.
Find the transaction by looking at the date, the time stamp and the amount. Tap the transaction.
Scroll to the bottom of the transaction detail page and tap one of the 3 methods of sending a receipt.